If you are a business owner or if you own a company and you want to purchase a point of sales system, but you don’t have the required amount of money to purchase one, you can opt for an iPad, and an iPad stand for POS system. The iPad stand for point of sale systems is cheap to buy and ease the work of small business owners in accepting payments for the items that they want to start selling.

Matter of fact iPad standpoint of sale system makes work easy for you such that you don’t need a store for you to operate it as they are easily portable as compared to card readers and traditional cash register. Below are some of the best iPad stands for your POS system found on the market today.

A. Square stand

Square is a famous company for people owning small businesses. They make it easy for small and large companies to take payments from their clients. The square iPad stand for POS system is a technology that you will need to use for accepting payments. The square system turns your iPad into the ideal POS system. It allows you to take in chip swipes, cards and even contactless payments via apple pay and other contactless software that are available.

 Another thing that square permits you to do is to buy add-ons, so if you aren’t satisfied with this system, you can purchase a bar code scanner and a cash drawer. With the iPad app, you will be in a position to email receipts, accept tips, apply discounts, get feedback from customers and a lot more.


B. CTA digital security case

CTA digital also produces its security case and POS stand. With this system, you don’t get everything like with the Square stand for POS system. But once you buy a chip reader and a square contactless to complement it, you will be in a position to start selling goods and taking payments. The case has security which ensures that the iPad is safe and isn’t going anywhere. Also, the case makes it easy for you to fasten the system to a table with lock and a key so that you won’t be worried about a person coming and walking off with your brand new POS system and iPad.


C. Logi Base stand with a smart connector

Logi base stand is a perfect stand that will ensure your iPad is charged throughout the day. It is built in such a manner that you have to ensure your iPad is in landscape mode, but this can’t bring problems to you while taking payments. It doesn’t have features in which you can lock the iPad on a table or something, but you can purchase a security cable for locking it down. It’s a fairly neat system in that if you want to use the iPad for other reasons you can pop it out of the stand and then pop it back in if you’re going to process a sale. It doesn’t come with a POS system of its own, so you will be required to purchase onae.


D. Windfall iPad airstand

The windfall is a simple stand for POS systems. It has a sleek look which will give your iPad a smart look. It also gives you options for swivel, spin and sliding the iPad so that it can serve your clients well. This POS stand hides the cables that are going to the iPad to give it a professional look.



You can pick any of the above stands for your POS systems. But the best one to use is the square stand as it has its own POS system


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